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General Medical 

General Medicine focuses on the comprehensive primary health care of a family on a continuing basis. It also focuses on medical treatment and diagnosis of diseases and disorders of internal structures of the body.  

Multi-Specialty Consults

We have specialists who are trained in the best institutions in the country and across the globe, and with their experience you are assured of expert care and treatment in our hospital. No referral necessary.

Morrill County Hospital and Clinics

The following is the policy of Morrill County Community Hospital and Clinics:

  • We do not discriminate based upon race, color, national origin, disability, gender, familial status or religious preference. 
  • We accept both Medicare and Medicaid patients at the hospital and both clinics.
  • Morrill County Community Hospital and Clinics will not deny healthcare visits to anyone who is unable to pay. 
  • Morrill County Community Hospital and Clinics does have a Sliding Fee Schedule to assist in determining the amount of patients responsibility to pay (income and family size based). 

Morrill County Community Hospital

Board of Directors and Administration

Robin Stuart, CEO

Charge Master

Price Estimator

The mission of Morrill County Community Hospital/Clinics (MCCH) is to provide medical services to all persons in need of medical care regardless of the ability to pay, disability, religion, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

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308 262 1616 : Hospital

308 262 1755 : Clinic

308 279 7010 : Specialty Clinic

308 262 7164 : Home Health

308 586 1717 : Chimney Rock Medical Center

308 262 7133 : Professional Plaza

308 262 1600 : Rehabilitation Services

308 262 7822 : Cardiopulmonary Services 

308 262 7534 : MedSpa Services

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Emergency Department Open 24/7


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