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Morrill County Community Hospital

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The changing environment of hospital services, health-care delivery and medical practice requires constant improvement of facilities and services. It is because of this concern that the Morrill County Hospital Foundation is approaching its friends, supporters, and all others for whom health-care costs are important and requesting their help in meeting these needs. If Morrill County Community Hospital is to continue to serve our area well, it  must have necessary funds to provide the required equipment and services. 

Those who benefit from the hospital's services and programs are partners with the hospitals in providing health-care excellence which the community deserves and has come to expect.

Established in 1998, the Foundation receives and administers charitable gifts that support the health-care mission of Morrill County Community Hospital and its associated medical service provides. The Foundation's mission and goals include :

  • Purchasing patient care equipment
  • Enhancing patient related programs and services
  • Upgrading facilities
  • Building and endowment to assure there is, and always will be a strong financial foundation supporting our health-care community

Morrill County Community Hospital has purchased over $100,000 worth of equipment for the hospital over a 4-year period.

There are many ways to invest in the health of our community by making a gift to the Foundation:

  • Gifts of Cash 
  • Memorials
  • Tributes
  • Wills or Bequests
  • Gifts of property, bonds, stocks, or other assets
  • Gifts of Securities

Morrill County Hospital Foundation
PO Box 75, Bridgeport
NE 69336